Magnificent Mirrors

I’m mid-planning the redecorating of my living room.  We finally got rid of the big ugly red sofa- yay!   Now I need to figure out what to style I want to go with.  It’s going to be quirky but I also want it to be comfy.  My biggest dilemma is the sofa- it’s a big purchase and one we’ll have to live with for at least 10 years.  

Accessories are also important and the Chandelier and Mirror Company’s magnificent collection has a beautiful mirror for every stylish interior but do they have some for my quirky style?


There is the Firle. This charming wooden framed mirror with tray and hanging pegs, is made from a warm toned natural wood. Channel a rustic country style in the hallway with this simple yet elegant mirror which would serve as the perfect place for scarves (hello that’s me all over!), keys and other bits and pieces.





Finally, there is the Anmer mirror with its dark and compelling classic design. It has a jet black satin finish with a slim gold painted band which catches beautifully in the bevel of the glass. This oval piece with its smooth graceful ridges would bring a touch of refinement to both period and contemporary styled interiors.

Kinnersley (99cm x 99cm): £245

Amersham (112cm x 76cm): £175

Windlesham (11cm x 88cm): £235

Firle (52cm x 38cm): £95

Anmer (87cm x 67cm): £125

Stockist information:

The Chandelier and Mirror Company