When the weather is a little bit damp and a whole lot cold I tend to gravitate towards comfort foods.  Soups are high on  my list of comfort food and I do love to make a huge pot of soup on a Sunday afternoon, perfect for a busy week ahead.  As we all know we don’t always have time to make from scratch meals.  We’ve been dealing with a death in the family so time for home cooked meals have fallen by the wayside. 

Luckily Glorious! Soups are chock full of healthy ingredients and I feel great feeding it to my family.  Nothing on the ingredients list is something I wouldn’t use myself and bonus I can pronounce everything!

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The Glorious Skinnylicious Vietnamese super green soup is a current favourite.  It’s a healthy and nutritious fusion of petit pois, green lentils and spinach with kaffir lime leaves, ginger and lemongrass. It’ll whisk you away to the stunning karst mountain landscapes with views of verdant rice terraces.


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