Escape Artist


I got into an argument with my neighbour the other day.  I got real angry, real quick and it wasn’t pretty.  He was telling me that my dog was pooping on his front garden.  I insisted that hell no it wasn’t my dog! We don’t let him out alone.  Couldn’t be our dog!  I came inside and shouted at Wal about my horrible neighbour and how much I disliked him.  Trying to blame the poo on his front lawn on OUR LOVELY DOG (I shouted)


Fast forward two weeks and I let our lovely dog out the back for a quick wee before we all head up to bed.  This time I decided to watch what he was doing and where he was going it.  You know what’s coming don’t you?  I ran out to the front and caught him IN THE ACT!!  Much hushed shouting to Wal about trying to get the dog off the front lawn and trying to find the offending item.  We finally realised it wasn’t going to happen- it was too dark to find it.  There was nothing we could do at midnight and we were going to have to go out there at dawn to clean up the mess before my neighbour found it.  At dawn Wal slunk over to the neighbours and found what needed to be found and came home.  Our neighbour was none the wiser- phew!

Our back garden doesn’t have a gate but we’d blocked the little 78cm gap with chairs. We thought that was good enough to keep our rather large dog contained in the back- oooh how wrong we were!  We’ve rigged something up in the short term but in the long term we need something a bit more permanent.


As you know Wal is a DIY kind of guy and has been scouring the internet for a solution to our problem and it looks like he’s found the perfect solution.  The space where we need a swing gate is a bit of a quirky space between the house and the detached garage and it’s going to require us to build up the gate ourselves and we need to customise the gate,  we found some barrier components that look like will do the trick.   It should be easy peasy for us to put together a gate that works in the odd space.

In the meantime let’s hope that the dog doesn’t escape again, for the sake of neighbourly relations!







  1. March 31, 2016 /

    I really shouldn’t laugh, but this is hilarious. Alvin has found a small gap in the fence and pinches all of next doors dog toys!

    • March 31, 2016 /

      Jen I am so ashamed and my shitty dog! I haven’t been able to look my neighbour in the eye since!
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  2. April 4, 2016 /

    Your dog is too cute! With those fluffy pink bunny ears, he’s allowed in my garden any day!

    • April 8, 2016 /

      He’s a big beast but so so loving! I don’t know what we did before he arrived in our house!