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Do you love vintage? I’m a big fan and am always on the lookout for vintage finds.  One of my favourite haunts is the little vintage charity shop around the corner.  It fills me with joy whenever I go there.  I’ve found an old top hat and tiny little travel iron- it weighs a tonne and after your toiletries bag was thrown in your suitcase you’d probably be over the weight limit for most airlines but it was love at first sight… much to Wal’s dismay!  

I’ve been looking to update my Spring/Summer wardrobe with a few classic pieces and my mind turned to vintage- classic pieces never go out of style do they?   I also have a family wedding in the US in July and I’m looking for a stand out dress.  

As a kid I totally loved wearing dungarees but once I ‘grew up’ I thought it wasn’t for me but recently I’ve been thinking that’s a little bit silly.  I’ve seen some really cute dungarees out there and my favourite has to be this pair from Rokit with the totally funky pocket- throw on a white top and some nude sandals and I’m 17 again! Well if  you ignore the mum tum and the wrinkles!


For my cousin’s wedding I’m thinking vintage is the way to go! I can’t decide between these three outfits.  My favourite is the green velvet jumpsuit.  I mean come on  looooook at it- it’s rad!  Then I look at the 60’s mini, in all its psychedelic glory- swoon! Or should I play it safe with the black velvet mini? 

vintage dresses


So many lovely vintage dresses, I can’t decide! Which would you choose?



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  1. May 5, 2016 /

    Lindy that 60’s mini dress was MADE for you. It’s been waiting for you for 50 years – for the love of God please make it happy and wear it…