This Old House, the bedroom edition

It’s been a while since I wrote about our home remodel- it’s the job that never ends but luckily that means I’m never short of something to blog about.  Bright side, I’m looking at you kid!

bedroom panorama

Next up on our list was our bedroom.  We’ve lived with lavender walls and duck egg blue/green curtains for almost 6 years.  It was a nauseating colour combination and I finally had enough.  In a total 180 from what we’ve been doing in the rest of the house we wanted a dark sophisticated look for the bedroom.  I wanted a rich dark blue and found the perfect colour, off I bobbed to B&Q to have them match the colour.  I love finding a colour I love and knowing that I can have paint made up to match it perfectly.


I’m not much of a prep person but thankfully Wal is much more diligent than I am.  He washed all the walls with sugar soap which was a good thing because I would have just slapped the Valspar paint on it. 

I really do love the results we got from the Valspar paint- the room feels cozy and it’s a nice contrast to white upcycled furniture we’ve added.  We used the Valspar Premium Emulsion in Matt. The shade looks just as we wanted. 


The Premium Emulsion has been really highly rated by Mumsnet with 94% of reviewers saying they’d suggest it to their friends and 96% saying they would use it again. We have to say we really agree with this.


Next on the list is the hallway- walls and ceiling!

Valspar asked me to do a washability test on my walls to check to see if the paint rubs off when you wipe them down. I was a little bit worried as the paint in our kitchen is very cheap as it was what the builders bought.  When we wipe them down the cloth is covered in white paint!  So I was with a little trepidation I went into this challenge. 



We were given Valspar paint vouchers in exchange for the review to help with this review.