5 Reasons Why I’m not Moving Back to the USA

5 reasons why i'll never move back to the USA

The other day someone asked me if I’d ever move back to the US. Now I get this question a lot and I always say maybe or yes one day when Squidge is grown up… but do I really mean this? I had a think and I have to say the answer is probably no.  I love America.  I love its energy and its enthusiasm and its ability to believe that anything is possible but there are so many things I don’t like about America.  The things I don’t like are deal breakers and I can’t see myself ever living in America again if things don’t change.  I’ve come up with 5 reasons why I don’t think I’ll ever move back to the USA.

1. Healthcare

Having lived in both the US and UK I can say I’ve experienced both systems and feel safe in saying that socialized medicine is the way to go.  Knowing that healthcare is free at the point of use is huge. Not having to worry if you can afford to see the doctor or if you have an emergency that you’ll be saddled with thousands of dollars of debt is a stress that almost everyone in the US has to deal with.  Not that the NHS is perfect but the alternative is worse.

2. Travel

It’s so easy to travel, Europe is at your doorstep and you can be in a dozen European cities in a couple of hours. Also living in the UK means I have a lot more ‘vacation’ days which allows you to travel a bit more.  Living in the US you’re lucky if you have 2 weeks vacation and a lot of times you have less than that as some companies lump your Christmas, Thanksgiving, Memorial/Labor day holidays into those 2 weeks you get.

3. Social Issues

When did Americans become so mean? From this side of the Atlantic is looks like anyone who isn’t a white is on your hate list.  Women, Gays, Hispanics, Black and poor people are all being targeted.  Hispanics are taking jobs and raping women, black men are having babies and leaving them to be a suck on society, gay people are using our toilets to molest children, women are sluts using birth control and having abortions.  The poor or disabled need to get a job and stop taking money from hard working ‘mericans. When did American become like this? Have we always been like this and I never noticed? I don’t want to live in a society with so little compassion, more importantly I don’t want my daughter to grow up in a country that has lost it’s ability to empathise with those less fortunate.

4. Gun Control

I don’t know what more to say about this one.  In no other civilised country do we have as many gun related deaths as we do in the US.  No other country allows children… mere babies to be slaughtered and not change the circumstances that allowed the slaughter.  Teaching children what to do if a gunman comes into their school is NOT the answer.  Shame on you America!

5. Politics

A country that honestly believes Donald Trump is a viable candidate to head one of the most powerful countries in the world is fundamentally flawed. He’s a reality TV star.  He’s a bigot, a racist,  an aggressive misogynistic blowhard, egotistical, narcissistic, a bully and he’s dishonest.  In short he’s an embarrassment! 




  1. May 29, 2016 /

    Watching the news every time Donald Trump comes on I keep thinking ‘seriously?!’ For even a third of the things he has said he would have been hounded out of British politics …. just seems so unreal.
    As for the NHS my eldest has Type 1 Diabetes, we aren’t a wealthy household at all and if we lived in a different country we would have had to pretty much sell our souls for his insulin. To me health care shouldn’t be thought of as just for those that can afford it.
    That being said I would love to visit the US 😉

    Stevie x
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    • May 30, 2016 /

      I wish he was hounded out of US politics! I’m hoping he disappears from public life after he loses the election. The NHS isn’t perfect but it’s always there when we need it and I agree health care should be a basic human right.

      I love the US- so many things to see and do. Hope you can visit one day- I vote for New England and NY!
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