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Always Discreet ( adult incontinence)

It’s a big joke in my house, and my extended family, that I have a weak bladder.  Actually, I come from a long line of women with weak bladders!  A vivid memory of mine is my mom laughing so much one Christmas that she completely and utterly wet herself.  Now I’m not talking about being in the comfort of our own home wet herself.  I’m talking we were at a Christmas party and everyone stopped to look at her while she wet herself.  Oh how we all laughed, my mom included.  Fast forward over a decade and I see the situation in a different light- I can see that the laughter probably masked  a little bit of shame- adult incontinence is no joke. Luckily my mom has always had fabulous friends and family and it was all taken as a funny one off.

As I said it’s a running joke about my weak bladder- whenever I laugh a lot my OH will joke about peeing on the sofa or that I better get to the bathroom quick!  I’m also very open about my weak bladder so when Sally mentioned at the office that Always was hosting an event in London about female incontinence I laughed and said I needed to go!

Always Discreet ( adult incontinence)


The event was held at the gorgeous London Mondrian Hotel,  and we were ushered downstairs to the secret cinema room – it was all very swish!

There were glasses of bubbly and cute little cupcakes an old fashioned popcorn machine! The we were invited to watch a short film that was directed by Flora, which featured five real-life women and who all all very bravely shared their stories of how adult incontinence had affected their lives. The women were all really down to earth and I could easily relate to them.  Although I would have liked to see younger women on there as well- women in their 30’s suffer too!  The message was that there are products on the market (we were there to learn about Always Discreet of course), and these women felt that if they helped one person by sharing their story, then it was all worth it.

Always Discreet ( adult incontinence)

One in three women suffer from Adult Incontinence.

Isn’t that a surprising statistic? It should make those that are suffering in silence feel a little bit better.  You’re not alone and there are thousands of us out there- fearing sneezing or laughing!  

I’m all for empowering women and speaking out about adult incontinence is just one more step towards that end.



I was a guest of Always for this event and transportation costs to the event were paid.