Kitchen Hack: white countertops

kitchen hack

Have I mentioned how much I love my all white kitchen?  No? Well I do. I love it love it love it!  I’ve had an all white kitchen for a little over 2 years and it still looks as good as new.  Well… as long as you ignore the grey bits on the ceiling around the extractor fan (and I do).  My counter tops are cheap Formica & they look great, well they did until a week ago.  What happened a week ago I hear you ask, that’s used spray bleach & stained the countertops.  I freaked out because didn’t even know that you could bleach stain white countertops.

First thing I did when I noticed the little yellow stain on my countertop was grab the spray bleach and sprayed the counters.  I let it sit for a minute to, you know, help pull up that stain.  The second thing I did when I noticed that now my counters looked even more yellow was repeat the last step.  Ya, not very clever BUT in my defense why would I think it was the spray bleach?? I had used Cilit Bang w/ bleach since we’d had the kitchen done. It worked a treat on all sorts of stains, cherry juice, coffee and tea stains you name it cleaned it up.

Well I was going write about how I removed the bleach stains but I think I’ll tell you instead!


So there you go- using silver cleaner to remove yellow bleach stains on your white Formica countertops- who woulda thunk it?