Party Planning- Through the Looking Glass

Party Planning- Through the Looking Glass

A couple of weeks ago Squidge turned 10! It’s hard to believe I now have a 10 year old and that I’ve been in the UK for 11 years.  Time, it just keeps rolling doesn’t it?  And wiith birthdays comes a bit of party planning. It’s not your birthday every day is it?

I like to ask Squidge what sort of party she’d like and we have fun brainstorming ideas.  We’ve had disco parties, Go Ape! and magician parties. This year we thought of having a mini tough mudder type of party but I waited too long to plan anything (sorry kid, your mama sucks!) 

We decided on a plan B after we’d gone to see the most recent Through the Looking Glass film.  An Alice in Wonderland fancy dress party- easy peasy!  Well as easy peasy as a party at home can be! I only really had a week to party plan so I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to but Squidge and her friends had fun and that’s really more important than my feeling that I could have done more.

Once I had a theme it was full on Pinterest trawling for party game ideas.  I loved the idea I found, I call it Candy Show & Tell. I modified it a bit to better fit the party.

Party Planning- Through the Looking Glass

The girls all had a great time and the party games were a success if the shrieks of laughter were anything to go by!

I love a bit of Party planning and when I saw my family in the US play this game I just I knew I needed to try it. We played a game that’s a variation of pass the parcel.  I didn’t take any photos of that game because we were all having such a laugh! Again mama sucks!

You wrap the gift just like Pass the Parcel but make sure you tape up all the corners and there isn’t any loose edges anywhere.  You need to die and some oven mitts.  Sit in a circle and have the person to the right of you roll the die- you can pick any number but we had the girls try to roll a 6 as soon as the six is rolled the present is passed to that person and round and round it goes with the person wearing the oven mitts trying to open the present.  The person who unwraps it to the gift is the winner!
Alice In Wonderland

The second part of the party planning was that it as a fancy dress themed party and Squidge’s friends were well up for it! We had a couple of Queen of Hearts, a Cheshire Cat, Alice and also Time! Time actually had a working clock in her hat!  

I have this hatred for party bags- the amount of tat that is put in them just drives me crazy.  Most of the time they don’t make it into the house- I just bin them on the way in!  For party favours we filled some jars w/ candy and gave away Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. 

Next year we’re definitely doing a mini tough mudder style party!