When Pizza Express met Deliveroo!

Remember that scene in When Harry Met Sally? No, not THAT one, the one where Sally orders food and changes every single thing? 

I’m a little bit like this and it drives some of my friends up a wall and makes others laugh.  Hey, a girls gotta ask for what she wants or she doesn’t get it right?  The only place I don’t change anything is at Pizza Express. I LOVE the bloomin’ place! My favourite thing about Pizza Express is that you can get your pizza any way you like it without feeling liks Sallly!  We always order the Romana base, it’s the super thin pizza base and when I say thin I mean properly thin with the edges all crispy *drool*

Pizza Express


Recently Pizza Express asked folks to vote on which pizza they’d like to see returned back to their Autumn Specials Menu.  There was a ‘dramatic showdown’ on the Pizza Express Twitter page.  The Rustichella team won but not by much! Because Pizza Express is AWESOME and they love us they also brought back the Etna. Yay!  My husband loves hot and spicy and the Etna is just the thing for those that love a bit of heat.


The best thing about this happy little situation that’s happening over at Pizza Express is that they’ve teamed up with Deliveroo.  Yes! Those folks in the little scooters and motorbikes you might have seen zooming around w/ a big teal box attached to the back!  I downloaded the Deliveroo App and was happy to see some of my favourite local restaurants listed- amazing restaurant food delivered straight to your door, what could be better?  

We ordered the Etna pizza as well as dough balls (isn’t it illegal to eat at Pizza Express and not get dough balls?), calamari and lasagna.  The food arrived within 20 minutes of placing the order and Deliveroo sent me updates letting me know how/where my order was. It was super convenient, I actually ordered the pizza while travelling home from work and it arrived at my door 5 minutes after I did.  How awesome was that?




If you’re looking for delicious restaurant food from the comfort of your home they give Pizza Express and Deliveroo a try!  The Etna pizza (and almost everything on the Pizza Express menu) is available for customers to order either by logging on to the Deliveroo mobile app (free to download), the Deliveroo website or the  Pizza Express website

What is your favourite Pizza Express pizza? We’re going to try the Rustichella next, it’s only fair we give both a try!





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      from ear to ear! I love Pizza Express!
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