The Pizza Express Autumn Menu

As you know I’m a big Pizza Express fan and there’s a new menu in town!  This autumn there’s a fresh seasonal menu at Pizza Express, and I was invited to try it out. Off I went with my friend and we proceeded to have a lovely lunch! I’m usually one to stick to what I know so trying out the autumn menu was a nice way to try something new.  


I’m a little bit addicted to bruschetta and order it whenever it is on the menu- I love the Pizza Express version and it’s like having a mini pizza!

Next up, I tested the cannelloni. I’m usually a pizza girl but thought as it was on the Autumn menu I’d try something different.  I’m really glad I did as it was lovely! The cannelloni was filled with yummy spinach and ricotta and had a generous amount 0f tomato sauce. Soo so good!



Another new item on the menu was the molten magic chocolate fondant.  It was served with vanilla ice cream or gelato if you want to be fancy! It was very rich and definitely something that would be perfect for sharing. 


The new autumn menu at Pizza Express is available now. We were provided with a free meal for the purposes of this review. For more information see