Winter at River Cottage


For the second year in a row I went to River Cottage, how lucky am I? River Cottage is on the beautiful Devon/Dorset border and it’s simply magical there.  River Cottage is as you’d expect it- we all gathered at the shelter at the top of the hill and we were taken down to River Cottage on a tractor! 

Once we arrived the folks at River Cottage has some warm drink for everyone as well as drop scones with apple, yogurt and honey.


Once we’d been warmed by the tea and scones the River Cottage experience began! A lesson on brining your own Christmas dinner!  That’s the think about River Cottage it always makes me think anything is possible- I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s never thought about curing their own ham for Christmas! It’s something I’ll be doing this year, so what this space! If you’d like to learn how to brine they’re offering a course just in time for Christmas!

Once the demonstration was over we had a bit of fun with Foodies100, some headed over to the yurt to guess what was in a box to win a prize and others headed for the Farmhouse to chat about collaborating with other bloggers and to generally chat blogging.

Then the main event- our dinner.  The thing I love about River Cottage is that they never really know what’s for dinner- they look around to see what veg is available and what meat they have around and they throw something together.  Now I will admit their skill at throwing something together is out of this world! 




pork and leek croquettes
pickled mussels
crispy rabbit on a romanesco purée
Kingston Black apple aperitif


celeriac ravioli with wild mushrooms and leaves


River Cottage cider brined ham, carrot purée, fried savoy cabbage and braised beans


honeycomb créme brulée with apple purée and apple crisps




A bit more about River Cottage, all food is locally sourced or grown at the cottage. As you’d expect they have gardeners who take care of the veggies and fruit grown on site. Oh and they also have foragers too. As you’d expect from Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall River Cottage is completely ethical, organic and waste free. 

If you’d like to visit or find out more head over to the River Cottage website, they have a variety of events and I would highly recommend it.  If you have any foodie friends this would be the ultimate gift. Whenever I visit I always feel like an old friend returning and greeted by a huge bear hug.