20 British Slang I’m not afraid to use !

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I’ve been living in the UK for over a decade now- wowzer how did that happen??  As I was thinking about the time I’ve lived abroad and how long I’ve lived away from ‘home’ almost 20 years!!  In that time I spent 8 years in South Carolina and now 11 years in England. 

My accent is a weird Massachusetts/Southern/British mishmash and I love it!  From when I used to drop my R’s (yes more than I do now!) to picking up a bit of a southern drawl and a liking for sweet tea and biscuits and gravy to asking for toMAHto and BAHsil soup it’s all just a lovely wonderful mess!  I thought of all the new words and phrases I’ve picked up along the way.  Each area has it’s own vernacular and slowly these terms creep into your vocabulary. I used to feel a bit of a fraud but honestly I’ve been here so long sometimes I forget the US word for something.   The best thing an Expat can do is roll with it and glory in the wonderful descriptive world of British slang!

When I moved from Massachusetts to South Carolina I learned a bunch of new phrases.  My all time favourite being ‘ a wild hair up my ass’ I mean how can you NOT love that saying?  What does it mean you ask? It means doing something wild, crazy, unexpected & out of character.  My other favourite and often used is ‘fuck all y’all’ and I think that one doesn’t require any explanation.  

This got me thinking about my fav British Slang,






odds and sods (bits and bobs)




lost the plot




daft cow








Have a missed your favourite British slang? What would you add to the list? Are there any that I should be using? Come on hit me with your best of British slang!


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  1. February 15, 2017 /

    stop being so mardy


    You got a right cob on

    Suspect they are both Lesta language

    My OH has been here 20 years now! He only came on a one year visa, he still has boxes he’s never unpacked!!

    • February 16, 2017 /

      OMG how could I have forgotten manky! or minging! God I love British slang! Cockwomble is similar to wanker? Ooops I might have used that one wrong ?
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