Green is the new black- adding a bit of green into your life

The number of times I’ve heard people say they love plants but kill them, I could fill a football stadium.  While there are some house plants that are temperamental there arecalso plants that even the blackest of thumbs can keep alive. We all know the usual suspects when it comes to house plants, from spider plants to ferns and the now ubiquitous succulents.  As with most things, everything that is old is new again and house plants come in and out of fashion.  Luckily for those of us who have always loved house plants, they’re back in fashion.  This means that the variety of plants available has greatly increased, but you don’t have to go for the usual plants.  If you’re looking for house plants that are a little out of the ordinary and easy to care for there are a number of house plants out there.

Oyster (Rhoeo Spathacea) house plant

I’m focusing the house plant Rhoeo Spathacea or Oyster plant (aka Moses-in-the-Cradle) it’s easy to care for and a pretty plant as well.

The Oyster plant is super easy to grow,  you just need a room that receives moderate light & water regularly.  

It’s really a no-fuss plant that would look lovely on a desk or kitchen window.  The Oyster plant has lovely variegated leaves and a red underside.  In more temperate climates you can grow this plant as an outside but here in the UK it makes a wonderful houseplant.  


Oyster plant (Rhoeo Spathacea)

As with a lot of house plants, the Oyster plant is great for air purifying- NASA says so! We breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide and plants to the opposite- they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.  Having plants around the house will make you happy 🙂  House plants are also said to boost healing, not sure if this is true but it can’t hurt!

House plants are also said to boost healing, there have been studies that when you have plants in hospitals it boosts healing.  I’m not sure if this is true but it can’t hurt!  House plants also just look good- who doesn’t like that?  

You can but the Oyster plant here (not an affiliate link), the plant looks a lot like the inch plant/wandering jew (Tradescantia pallid) but the leaves of the Oyster plant are longer and aren’t trailing.  Because of its similarities the oyster plant is often mislabeled as the Tradescantia.  



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    Aww you make me want plants! I got rid of mine because the dog kept eating them. Which wasn’t any good for the plants or the dog. Maybe we’ll try again now she’s a bit older and less of an asshole.
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