Knowing How to Help!


Did you take a paediatric first aid course when you had your baby? I think it’s fair to say that I was a little bit clueless when it came to having a baby.  Bringing a baby home and keeping it safe- I remember being a bit stressed out about it. In the end, I just did what I always do, winged it!  There were stairgates installed and little plastic thingamabobs over the electric sockets.   Sharp things and dangerous chemicals were placed well out of reach. I never thought about taking a paediatric first aid course.


What else didn’t I do? I didn’t chop up by grapes the long way or get sunscreen factor 300 and I wasn’t all that worried if she got bumps and bruises.  I rather my kid is a bit tough than a snowflake over every little thing.  The result of this was that she’s always been a tough nut!  Unless there’s blood she’s good.  It’s only after talking to my more cautious friends that I realised how far people go to keep their kids ‘safe’ and I began to think I should probably get a refresher CPR course.  I’m a Brownies leader so I’ve recently taken a CPR certification but thought another booster class couldn’t hurt.  I’m now responsible for other people’s kids and they might buy into our ‘there’s no blood, you’re fine, suck it up kid’ attitude.

My friend Sally got in touch about a paediatric first aid workshop she was hosting at her house, I jumped at the chance. 

As you can see everyone really got into the workshop!

Mini First Aid offers paediatric first aid courses to parents, grandparents, carers and children. The courses are delivered in a relaxed and comfortable style.  The basics of life-saving first aid, giving the confidence to know what actions to take if faced with a medical emergency are covered. The small group classes cover; Choking, CPR, Dealing with Burns, Breaks, Bleeding & Bumps, Febrile Seizures & Meningitis Awareness. Classes cost from just £20pp & are available at the locations listed here.  If you can’t find a class to suit consider a private class at home with friends.

Paula from Mini First Aid Lancashire – came to Sally’s house and along with a few other bloggers, we settled in to try out the paediatric first aid workshop.  Sadly for Paula, we’re a very talkative bunch.  I think she was a bit surprised by all the questions and stories and well the chatter!  She was super about it all and went through all the topics listed above.

Paediatric first aid workshop

Mini First Aid doesn’t skimp on anything and Paula brought along CPR models of babies and children to practice on. It was great to have the first aid ‘dummies’ to practice on.  I’m always surprised at how hard you have to do the compressions- I was worried I was going to crack some ribs but was assured by Paula that better a cracked rib then dead!

Overall,  it was a fantastic refresher workshop. The mini workshop gives you a little confidence boost you need.  The Mini First Aid have sessions for all ages (including Brownies and Guide groups).  I loved that it was only 2 hours long as I sometimes find first aid classes drag on a bit.  With the Mini First Aid workshop we just touched on the important things that are likely to come up.  

If you’d like to know more about Mini First Aid then you can check out their website here, or follow their Twitter or Facebook accounts. 



  1. June 8, 2017 /

    Things like this have been playing on my mind a bit more lately. I know basic first aid and CPR but if I had been in the area of the attacks in London and Manchester, would I have been able to help? I’m not sure I could have done enough. I would recommend a first aid course to anyone and it’s great to have a specific paediatric one for parents and people working with children. As the mum of an accident prone five year old, it is particularly pertinent!

    • June 8, 2017 /

      Yes! I like these ‘booster’ classes for giving you a confidence boost and reinforces what you already know.