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  Along with half of the UK I’ve been trying to eat healthy and avoid junk.  It’s not the easiest thing for me to do as I, well, I love junk.  Oreos, ice cream,  Doritos, anything I can shove down…

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Cheerz! Giveaway

Do you Instagram? I LOVE love LOVE Instagram! It’s the happy social media platform isn’t it?  So many pretty images and nice chatty folks.  It feeds my love of photography and I love just looking at my pictures.  I also…

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New Year New Me!

Just kidding! I’m always very weary of making sweeping changes or statements at the beginning of a new year.  One reason is that I am essentially very lazy and I know that I’m going to forget what my resolution was…

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Cheesy Veggie Bake

It’s always nice when the weather gets a little chillier to open up the family favourites cookbook and make something that will stick to your ribs!  For us it’s always something a little bit cheesy- cauliflower cheese! I’ve tweaked it…

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