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Comfort food: Rankin Selection Irish Family Sausages

When I was growing up the concept of comfort food wasn’t one I was familiar with, you just ate what was put on the table.  The usual fair was wholesome and filling and comforting.  I think it’s been the increase…

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£25 HomeSense voucher- giveaway

Are you all ready for Christmas? Should I be ashamed to say that I am so far from ready? We managed to go to the Christmas tree farm last week to pick out our tree. As you can imagine being…

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Booklovers Gift Guide at The Works

Living with a voracious reader, I know that I can never go wrong with books as gifts – but sometimes keeping up with the cost of new kids’ books is a struggle.  Thank goodness for The Works, which is the…

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Apple Blueberry cake

One of my most favourite things to do with Squidge is to bake. In the last couple of years she’s really turning into a fabulous little baker and she has dreams of being on Junior Great British Bake Off and…

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Magnificent Mirrors

I’m mid-planning the redecorating of my living room.  We finally got rid of the big ugly red sofa- yay!   Now I need to figure out what to style I want to go with.  It’s going to be quirky but…

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