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Damn I’m old!

Do you ever wake up one day and think Damn I’m old!! I’ve had a couple of moments like that recently and it’s a bit of a bummer! I mean I don’t ever want to be my 18 yr old…

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Fab Finds

Rugs, modern? Traditional? Colourful? Neutral?

  We finally found some sofa’s that would fit through our narrow porch door.  You have NO idea what a palaver replacing our old broken down sofa turned out to be.  I bought sofa’s from Loaf and Habitat and had…

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How to Save a Le Creuset pan

On Friday I prepared a beef and guinness stew for supper. I got all my ingredients ready early so that it could cook slowly in the oven.  I was drooling thinking about the tender fall apart beef and the yummy…

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Good Eats

Portuguese Fish Stew

Who doesn’t love summer? The sun shines and the skies are blue. Well, I do live in Manchester so that isn’t always true but I do find that I gravitate towards lighter lunches and I found this recipes for fish…

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