Chit chat


  Along with half of the UK I’ve been trying to eat healthy and avoid junk.  It’s not the easiest thing for me to do as I, well, I love junk.  Oreos, ice cream,  Doritos, anything I can shove down…

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Fab Finds

Coffee and The Sunday Times magazine

Sunday mornings at our house are made for pots of coffee and lazy chats over the pancakes, sausages, toast and eggs. We’ve been doing this since we moved into our ‘new’ house 6 years ago and it’s my favourite day…

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Advertorial Post

Love, Italian Style

One of the things that I was most excited about regarding my move to the UK was how close I was going to be to Europe and I had visions of trips to all the glamorous cities I’d read about.…

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Cheerz! Giveaway

Do you Instagram? I LOVE love LOVE Instagram! It’s the happy social media platform isn’t it?  So many pretty images and nice chatty folks.  It feeds my love of photography and I love just looking at my pictures.  I also…

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Good Eats

Cheese & Chutney Parcels

  I’m a big fan of chutney- spicy chilli chutney and cheese.  When I saw that Foodies100 had teamed up with The English Provender Company, the makers of my favourite chutney, for another competition I knew what I was going…

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