How does my garden grow

Magical Mystery Garden

Because we moved into the house in August and I almost immediately left for 4 weeks in the Azores I don’t really remember what the garden looked like in late summer.  I verdant and lush… I think. I don’t really…

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Chit chat

How does my garden grow: sowing

Time for another How does my garden grown update.  I’ve been slogging away trying to get up the overgrown garden tamed. Squidge and I are also sowing seeds for our veggie garden.  We’re very excited about growing our own vegetables…

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In my garden

Chicken little

I have a dream. A dream that one day itty bitty chickens will walk and cluck free in my garden. So to that end I bought a book. That’s all I’ve done but hey it’s a book. I’m now thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis…

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