Weight Watchers

Weight Watcher’s Wednesday

Weigh-in this morn­ing.  Weeks Weight lost: 3.5  Total lost: 12.5 This morning was awesome!  I lost 3.5 pounds and it brought me to tears!  I had a really difficult week with cravings and being constantly hungry.  I’m sure Wal and…

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breaking my addiction

On Friday morning I joined Weight Watchers Online.  I need to get my weight under control and I’m hoping this will help. A little bit of  my reasoning.  I’m a stay at home mom. The result of all this staying…

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Chit chat

40 & Fat

*deep breath* I don’t want to be that ?up there ? (don’t make me type it again). If I don’t make some major changes now I will be and that scares the living daylights out of me. My inactactivity is…

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